Super Combined Instituitional Stoves

Since designing and eventual introduction to the market of our Super Combined Cookers with Hot Water Systems, cooking has never been made easier and economical in Institutions.Our super combined systems are designed to cook and heat water at the same time without using extra firewood.

Super Combined Instituitional Stove
Using our continuous research data, Botto-Solar has designed and produced a blend of heat recovered from the hot Chimney System and our Turbo Heat exchanger unit, pushing the science of thermodynamics and stove technology to its limits.

Our Super combined cooker SPC 200/300 can cook 200Ltrs of food and heat 300Ltrs of water to over 85 degrees centigrade in an incredible 30 minutes.This pre-heated water can then used for cooking instead of using cold water cutting down the time taken in cooking and fuel consumption by over 70%. Hot water cylinder capacities in the Super Combined series are 100Ltrs, 200Ltrs, 300Ltrs, 400Ltrs &500Ltrs. Larger sizes can also be made on order.

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