Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Botto-Solar Ltd have a demonstration center, restaurant and a showroom.?
  2. What are Energy saving kuni stoves and charcoal ovens.?
  3. What about three stones open fire.?
  4. What are the Supercombined Cookers with turbo Hot water systems?
  5. Do you offer any type of training.?
  6. Do you offer anything in baking industry?
  7. Do you have any services for hotel industry.?
  8. How much does it cost to heat water in your hotel?
  9. Do you have Hot water solutions for institutions?
  10. How do you help to reduce electricity bills?
  11. What are disadvantages of instant shower units?
  12. What are most cost effective non electric hot water systems from botto-solar Ltd (B.S. Mega Hot Water Systems)
  13. What are advantages of the B.S Mega Hot Water Systems


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1.Does Botto-Solar Ltd have a demonstration center, restaurant and a showroom?

Botto-Solar has always had the desire of opening to the public a centre that provides practical energy solutions. We have particularly been interested in providing solutions in cooking, water heating and lighting using alternative energy systems.
With electricity, gas, oil and virtually everything else at its highest in our country, the investor is left with limited choices. Either quit, or reschedule your energy consumption alternatives. Our opening Barbeque Palace restaurant here in Nakuru was to use it as a research centre to receive 1st hand data, and help us authoritatively design energy saving appliances to help your business break even and begin making profits.
Those who aspire or have already invested in Hotels, Boarding schools, Hospital e.t.c, will find it worth every effort visiting our demonstration centre in Nakuru. Our new centre is only 4 km from Nakuru town along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, next to St. Mary’s Pastoral Centre and Triton Petrol station.
Besides enjoying your nyama choma, kuku choma or your favourite drink, you will be able to view Botto-Solar superior technology at work. In full view is our Super Combined Nyama choma ovens that can cook, grill, barbeque and heat water at the same time. All the cooking in our restaurant is done with preheated water for maximum energy saving.

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2.What are Energy saving kuni stoves and charcoal ovens?

Botto-Solar Ltd. has satisfied hundreds of institutions throughout Kenya with efficient cooking systems. Botto-solar kuni jikos are guaranteed to save between 50-70% of your firewood expenses.

Whether you are in the Hotel Industry or in an Educational institution, you will find our Energy Saving Kuni Stoves and Ovens very ideal in cutting down or eliminating altogether the cost of either Gas or Electricity. You can have all your baking done with our Charcoal Ovens which are highly affordable and cheap to maintain compared with Electrical Ovens.

Our stoves are designed to save fuel and time. They are clean and smokeless and feature one of the most advanced stove technologies available in the World today.

Our energy saving stoves have become the standard for Institutional catering and wherever you are in Kenya an institution nearby is probably using our equipment either having purchased directly from us, or through our agents countrywide.

To guard our quality products from cheap imitations, we have included a quality assurance label on the front of every stove bearing our identity.

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3.What about three stones open fire.?

The three stone traditional open fire is the most wasteful and inefficient system of cooking and heating water. Besides contributing highly to deforestation, it depletes your institutions resources on firewood costs. The smoke emissions are also a health hazard to your kitchen staff.

In an effort to counter further degradation of our environment, Botto-Solar in league with other Non Governmental organizations is in the forefront in assisting the Government achieve at least the minimum required forest cover of 10% from the current 1.7%. Botto-Solar encourages institutions to grow their own wood lots in unused spaces in their land. Cooking more with less fuel will doubtless allow our trees to grow for a greener county.

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4.What are the Supercombined Cookers with turbo Hot water systems?

Since designing and eventual introduction to the market of our super combined cookers with hot water systems, cooking has never been made that easy and economical in institutions.
Our super combined systems are designed to cook and heat water at the same time without using extra firewood. Using our continuous research data, Botto-Solar has designed and produced a blend of heat recovered from the chimney system and our turbo heat exchanger unit, pushing the science of thermodynamics and stove technology to its limits. Our super combined cooker SPC 200/300 can cook 200 ltrs of food and heat 300 ltrs  of water to over 85 degrees centigrade in an incredible 30 minutes.
This pre-heated water is then used for cooking instead of using cold water cutting down the time taken in cooking and fuel consumption by over 70%. Hot water cylinder capacities in the Super Combined series are 100 ltrs, 200 ltrs, 300 ltrs, 400 ltrs & 500 ltrs. Larger sizes can also be made on order.

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5.Do you offer any type of training?

Due to a great demand from customers wishing to learn more about baking, we have now opened a practical baking class in our new branch on the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway next to Triton Petrol Station and St. Marys Pastoral Centre.

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6.Do you offer anything in baking industry?

A skills upgrading seminar on baking organized by Techoserve inc. and Botto-Solar in our demonstration centre Nakuru.
Baking is the process of cooking in an oven by heat radiated from the hot metal lining of the oven by convectional currents set up by the hot air.
Those who have tried Commercial baking using electrical baking ovens have had to contend with unmanageable electricity bills. To avoid the risk of painfully closing down, Botto-Solar has now designed and developed a variety of ovens which are affordable and use either charcoal, briguettes or firewood as fuel.
We are grateful to note that about 70% of cakes and allied products supplied in Nakuru town alone have been done by bakers who have bought the ovens from us.
You can begin a profitable baking business right in your own and sell to your neighbours or the nearby shopping centre. We manufacture all the baking accessories necessary for you to begin your own business.

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7.Do you have any services for hotel industry?

An energy audit in hotels reveal that electric deep friers, electric ovens, Bain maries, microwaves come second after water heating in high consumption of electricity. If not checked, these appliances will continue impacting negatively your profit margin.

Our barbeque king series forms our range of advanced roasting charcoal fueled stoves. These are multi functional and combine cooking, roasting, baking and food warming. They can also be fitted with our super combined water heater to provide hot water to Bain maries and for your entire kitchen.

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8.How much does it cost to heat water in your hotel?

Water heating constitutes of more than 60% of your monthly electricity bills. Because of the country’s high electricity tariffs which are amongst the highest in the world – (US $  0.14 per KWH by 2005). More and more people are looking for other cheaper and more efficient alternatives of heating water.

If you are in the hotel industry, running a boarding institution, or in your own residential house, you must brace yourself for frequent power shortages, and the fact that the cost electricity in this country will not get any better. It is necessary therefore to invest on a hot water system which is both reliable and sustainable. Before you pay your next bill, pause a little and ask yourself, for how long will your business sustain these high electricity bills. Botto-Solar has the solutions for you. Infact talking to us is long overdue.

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9.Do you have Hot water solutions for institutions?

Hot water showers in schools, colleges, universities, private academies etc is no longer a luxury. Constant cold water bathing and especially in Primary Boarding Schools with small children is doubtless a receipe for constant upper respiratory ailments, sometimes leading to cases of acute pneumonia. Many water borne diseases such as typhoid can be eliminated by having boiled water cooled for safe drinking.

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10.How do you help to reduce electricity bills?

In an effort to reduce electricity bills many people have tried instant electric showers. The minimum consumption of each instant shower is 3000 watts per hour. A hotel with 30 self contained rooms would consume (3000w x 30) i.e. 90,000 watts per hour. If  hot showers are taken twice daily, power consumption also doubles.

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11.What are disadvantages of instant shower units?

•    Constant replacement of blown out elements highly increasing the cost of maintenance.
•    Poor regulation of cold and hot water temperatures
•    Risk of hot water flowing out charged with electric current especially where proper earthing has not been observed.
•    The above draw backs on instant shower units makes them very temporal, unreliable and expensive to maintain.
•    High electricity consumption creating power surges especially in hotels and schools where many showers may be operated at the same time.

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12.What are most cost effective non electric hot water systems from Botto-Solar Ltd (B.S. Mega Hot Water Systems).

Botto-Solar Ltd. has designed and developed one of the most cost effective non electric hot water systems ever designed in Kenya.
We can design the most complex hot water systems for hotels, residential houses, hospitals, schools, or any other place where hot water may be required. Botto-Solar Mega Hot water systems are fueled by firewood, which is the cheapest fuel available in Kenya.
Our Mega hot water systems consume very little firewood and can withstand heads of more than 200ft.
We can replace all your numerous instant shower units and boilers with a single Mega 1000 Turbo System capable of heating 1000 ltrs of water in less than 60 minutes consuming only 15-20 kgs of dry firewood. This is much faster than electric boiler heating a quarter of the above capacity.

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13.What are advantages of the B.S Mega Hot Water Systems

•    50-70% guaranteed saving compared with electrical boilers and instant showers.
•    Insulation on hot water cylinder allows hot water storage for 24 hours.
•    Besides heating water our systems doubles as an incinerator ad will burn anything combustible including waste papers, grass etc
•    A hybrid system can be installed using solar during sunny weather and using B.S. Mega Hot water system on cloudy days.
•    Besides fabrication with heavy plates, all our kuni boosters and hot water cylinders are hot dipped galvanized after manufacture ensuring clean safe drinking water.
•    Suitable for hotels, schools, residential houses, dairy plants, swimming pool heating etc.

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