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Botto-Solar Ltd is an established Company and a leading manufacturer of a variety of Energy Efficient Appliances. We have provided clean, reliable and quiet Solar Electricity to hundreds of rural houses throughout Kenya.

We have provided hundreds of Schools and Hotels in East and Central Africa with efficient Kuni (wood) Energy Saving Cooking Stoves and Water Heating Systems.

Our Energy Saving Stoves have become the standard for Institutional catering and wherever you are in Kenya an institution nearby is probably using our products either having purchased directly from us, or through our agents countrywide.

Botto Solar boasts of more than 20 years experience in Research and Manufacture, and has earned a reputation of excellence and reliability. The completion of our Ultra Modern Show room and manufacturing complex in Nakuru, Kenya further demonstrates our solid commitment to serving our esteemed customers. We are also delighted in opening yet another showroom on the Nakuru - Nairobi Highway near St. Marys Pastoral Centre.

We are also grateful to numerous heads of Schools, Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels and various other Institutions both in Kenya and East African Region who have made Botto-Solar their ultimate choice for quality products.

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Botto-Solar has always had the desire of opening to the public a centre that provides practical energy solutions. We have particularly been interested in providing solutions in cooking, water heating and lighting using alternative energy systems.

With electricity, gas, oil and virtually everything else at its highest in our country, the investor is left with limited choices. Either quit, or reschedule your energy consumption alternatives. Our opening Barbeque Palace Restaurant in Nakuru was to use it as a research centre to receive 1st hand data, and help us authoritatively design energy saving appliances to help your business break even and begin making profits.

Those who aspire or have already invested in Hotels, Boarding schools, Hospitals e.t.c, will find it worth every effort visiting our demonstration centre in Nakuru, Kenya. Our new centre is only 4 km from Nakuru town along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway, next to St. Mary’s Pastoral Centre and Triton Petrol station.

Besides enjoying your nyama choma (roast meat), kuku choma (roast chicken) or your favourite drink, you will be able to view Botto Solar's superior technology at work. In full view is our Super Combined Nyama choma ovens that can cook, grill, barbeque and heat water at the same time. All the cooking in our restaurant is done with preheated water for maximum energy saving.

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