King Brand Stove Series

Botto Solar Ltd has always led the way in the design and innovation of New and Efficient Energy Saving Stoves. The unveiling of the King Brand Series further demonstrates our commitment to serve our clients.

Barbecue King Series

The King Brand Series features nyama choma grills (meat roasting grills), single cooker burners, multiple cooker burners, convertible burners and ovens. The primary source of energy for the King Brand Series is charcoal, briquette and wood pellets. With wood becoming more and more scarce and charcoal literally available in any given location, this is a smart choice for your home or institution.

The King Brand Series of cookers is very efficient and consumes very little charcoal, thus saving energy. With electricity, oil and gas soaring high every day, the King Brand Series is the choice for you.

Main Features of the King Brand Series

  •     Precasted ceramic unbreakable liner that compels all the stoves heat to the pot enabling fast cooking with very little fuel.
  •     Fully insulated stove body with fibre glass for maximum heat retention.
  •     Multifunctional capability; cooking, baking, warmer, water heating, meat roasting etc.
  •     Attractive design that enhances the beauty of your Kitchen.
  •     The ceramic precasted liner keeps the stove cooking long after the charcoal has burnt out

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